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Fluorosilicone Adhesive and Sealants

Engineering Materials - Selection Guide
General Purpose - Fluorosilicone Adhesive and Sealants

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NuSil ID Cure System
Work Time
Mix Ratio
CF1-3510 PT Addition 6 HR 10:1 Fuel / Solvent Resistant, low viscosity, rtv.
CF1-3800 PT Addition 90 Min 15:1 Thermally Conductive 1 25W/mK
CF3-3521-2 PT Addition 3.5 HR 1:1 LSR for liquid injection molding
CF5-3521-2 PT Addition 3.5 HR 1:1 Two-part, Fluorosilicone. Elastomer Cures at room temperature or rapidly with heat.
FS-3511 Platinum Cure > 24 HR 1:1 Excellent for molding at rapid rates
FS-3730 Acetoxy 1 Part Avialable in Gray / Black / Transulucent, one part
FS-3730-11 Acetoxy 1 Part A gray, one-part, RTV silicone. Based on a 100 mole % fluorosilicone
FS-3730-2 Acetoxy 1 Part A black, one-part, RTV silicone Based on a fluorosilicone polymer
FS-3775 Acetoxy 1 Part High Temperature, Fuel Resistant
FS-3780 Multiple Un-catalyzed, high consistency elastomers (HCR)
FS1-3730 Acetoxy 1 Part RTV silicone bonds aggressively to most surfaces
FS3-3730 Acetoxy 1 Part Fast Cure RTV silicone based on a fluorosilicone polymer
GEL-3500 Platinum 12 HR 1:1 Fluorosilicone gel
MED-5440 1:1 Liquid injection molding fluorosilicone liquid silicone rubber
R4-3930-11 PT Addition 1:1 For coating, sealing and bonding applications requiring solvent and/or fuel resistance




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