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Silicone Conformal Coatings

Engineering Materials - Selection Guide
General Purpose - Silicone Conformal Coatings


NuSil ID Cure System
Work Time
Mix Ratio
CF2-1007 1 Part One-part, white, flowable silicone elastomer
CF2-1130 1 Part Translucent RTV silicone dispersion
CF4-1144-0 1 Part Flowable, RTV silicone rubber dispersion
R-1009 Oxime RTV silicone dispersion coating
R-1082 Acetoxy - - 1 Part RTV cure silicone dispersion
R-1182 Acetoxy 1 Part Low coefficient of friction silicone coating
R-2183 1:1 For dip casting and heat-curing of thin elastomeric films
R3-1075 Oxime 1 Part RTV dispersion coating/conformal 60% solids



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