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Ultra Low Outgassing™ Silicone Materials


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Silicone adhesives and coatings have been used for over five decades because of their ability to retain elasticity and low modulus over a broad temperature range, thus reducing shear stress during thermal cycling. These properties provide excellent utility in space and terrestrial environments, where spacecrafts and sensitive electronics are repeatedly exposed to these extreme temperatures.

The National Aeronautic & Space Administration (NASA) and European Space Agency (ESA) recommend materials to be tested per ASTM E5951 prior to use in space. These materials are required to meet the specifications outlined in NASA SP-R-0022A2 and ESA PSS-014-7023, with a maximum Total Mass Loss (TML) of 1% and Collected Volatile Condensable Material (CVCM) of less than 0.1%.

Space BuggyNuSil’s Ultra Low OutgassingTM (SCV) materials exceed the current requirements, providing ASTM E-595 results of ≤ 0.1% TML and ≤ 0.01% CVCM. The benefits of using NuSil’s Ultra Low Outgassing are numerous and include:

  •  No additional processing needed by the end-user to remove volatile species.
  •  Allow a trade off to use other materials that contain higher levels of condensable species to keep overall levels within the outgassing requirements.
  •  The molecular weight distribution of remaining outgassing species of
Ultra Low Outgassing silicones are lower, therefore less likely to remain condensed on surface.


Download details as PDFAcrobat File - Ultra Low Outgassing™ Silicone Materials

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