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Mixing Tools and Equipment

Boy35A Injection MoulderColouriserHydraulic pump

The 2KM hydraulic pumps allow for a complete mixing and can cope with materials of very high viscosity,
up to several million cps



Prototyping & Production

Tool detail

Quality and Consistency, for prototyping to production.
Why travel far when you can visit us in High Wycombe and follow your injection moulding development project close up?

The need to have the injection prototype tool tested and proved is paramount. Our service includes the facility to try a multitude of injection moulding Silicone LSR’s from 34 on the 00 scale right through from 3 shore A to 90 shore A

On offer are the development of bespoke silicones specific to the device e.g. optically clear silicones are available with refractive indices form 1.41 to 1.46.

Pigments and additives such as barium sulphate can be added via a dispensing system which can be controlled for reproducibility.

Customers can provide their own tools or they can be made to the customer’s specification, typically turn around is 8 weeks for a new tool.

The computerised process control will allow the statistical data to be available and the settings can be saved.

Production of the finished device is an option, short or long production projects will be considered. The more sophisticated; the requirement for the silicone will be of the most interest to us, to take advantage of a complete turn key approach from the spark of an idea about the perfect material to the satisfaction of seeing the end product.
Colour Mixing Holders
Control Display Screen


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