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Small Floor Standing Horizontal Electric Roll Mill

For Milling and Calendering 2 Part Silicone
See the VersaSil product range for suitable products.

Small Floor Standing Horizontal Electric Roll Mill

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(1) Lid closed (2, 3) Font controls and Tray (4) Over head view (5, 6, 7,) Roller adjustment

Small Horizontal Electric Roll Mill
It has forward and reverse speeds for hand use and it has a cover that protects the operator when milling to meet CE marking.
The machine is set up for forward and reverse manually.
Forward and reverse jog.
Width of the Stainless steel Rollers = 400 mm
Adjustable dam from 100 mm wide to 380 mm wide
Adjustable thickness form 0.5 mm to 10 mm
Lifting point incorporated for easy of installation.
Stand included.
Size of machine.

Roller length = 400 mm
Roller diameter = 100 mm
Width = 600 mm
Height = 750 mm
Depth = 410 mm
Weight = (approx. 140 Kg)

Electric Power Supply.
Available in 110 volts and 220/240 V
Power Consumption 500 Watts


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