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Semco 1088 Semkit Package Mixer - added July 2016


Semco® Model 1088 Semkit® Package Mixer


The Semco® model 1088 Semkit® package mixer provides complete automatic mixing of filled Semkit® packages. Use of the mixer will minimize operator set up of the machine for different kit configurations, reduce worker fatigue, and assures the user a more thorough and consistent mix, kit to kit.

Single switch adjustment to mix common aerospace Semkit® package configurations including:

    1. Semco 1088 Semkit Package Mixer - front view2.5oz with 6" dasher rod
    2. 2.5oz with 8" dasher rod
    3. 6oz with 6" dasher rod
    4. 6oz with 8" dasher rod
    5. 8oz with 8" dasher rod
  1. Automatic injection of catalyst (injection style Semkit® packages)
  2. Guarding door to ensure operator safety during mixing
  3. Stroke counter for improved consistency and quality
  4. Fully pneumatic non-electrical operation
  5. Heavy duty motor to manage very high viscosity materials

Technical Details
Machine/motor does NOT require lubrication

    1. Semco 1088 Semkit Package Mixer - side viewDoor composed of Lexan (PC)
    2. Slide plate and cap assembly composed from Delrin (Acetal)
    3. Minimum 3 cfm
    4. Operating requirements: 40 to 90 PSI
    5. Dry shop air required
    6. Unloaded Spindle = 100 RPM
    7. 30 Strokes/min (standard 6oz Cartridge)
    8. High torque motor for thick materials
    9. Spindle drive pins and Cap Assembly O-ring are replaceable

Semco is a trademark of PRC-DeSoto International, Inc.
Semco products proudly distributed by Synergy Devices Limited


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