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Syndev® Silicone Sheeting

Syndev® - Product Information
Silicone Sheeting

Syndev® is a registered trade mark of Synergy Devices Limited



Syndev® Silicone Sheeting
Polymer Systems Technology Limited now offers calendared sheeting products for Medical Applications. These sheeting products are broken into categories as listed below. Custom sheeting may be available upon special request.
Silicone Sheeting Selector Guide

Silicone sheeting
The technical data for this product can be found on this web page and the full specification is clearly defined. Applications are diverse particularly seen in wound care, drug delivery, laboratory techniques and computers.

New B Stage
These materials are unique because they are supplied in sheet format but are supplied partially cured.
The inhibition system allows it to be room stable for several weeks and can be kept longer if frozen.
The benefits are that self-adhesive gaskets can be die cut and the sheeting can be moulded and cured
to shape.
Also the use of B stage can be used to eliminate liquid adhesives and sealants.
Further information can be obtained on this technology, most products are made to order.
Recently electrically and thermally conductive sheets have been made, for applications for space and terrestrial use.
Do not hesitate to contact us, to look at custom made silicone sheeting, using any of the following base silicone polymers;

  • Dimethyl siloxane
  • Di-phenyl siloxane
  • Fluoro silicones

Controlled volatility siloxanes based on either dimethyl or diphenyl siloxanes



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