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Services, technology, and industry expertise for testing of silicones.

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Testing to Insure Quality and Consistency

ISO Testing to Insure Quality and ConsistencyTesting Detailed:

Polymer Systems Technology Limited, an accredited supplier of silicones now offers a unique opportunity for customers wishing to evaluate their raw material or characterize their polymers.

Testing of the Uncured and Cured physical properties of rubbers and plastics will enable the user to see if a material will meet the intended applications requirements.

Rheological properties, such as flow, viscosity, plasticity, extrusion and rheometry results will identify how the material performs before processing takes place, and the cured properties such as the durometer, tensile, elongation, modulus, compression set, shrink, porosity!

Sensitive and critical applications often depend on a chemical analysis. Testing includes emission spectroscopy, infrared spectrophotometry, total mass loss, swell test and total extractable.

Whether it's a one off requirement or a continuous quality control of raw or finished material, this service will be invaluable.

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